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Marcus Demuth

+49 (0) 174 870 7576

Many thanks to my fiercest supporters and enablers Eric Stiller of Manhattan Kayak, Nigel Dennis of Sea Kayaking UK, Peter and Jason at Valley Sea Kayaks, Marta Miller at Kokatat, Jim Miller at Werner Paddles for all their support and friendship throughout the years.

Further thanks to Kiko (Punta Arenas, Chile), Sue Pole-Evans, Dave Pole-Evans, Biffo Tuson and Ant (all Saunders Island, Falklands), Gavin and Dierdre Marsh (Fox Bay, Falklands), Wayne Stocker (Perth, Australia), Magnus Sigurjonsson (Reykjavic, Iceland), Leiv Poncet (Beaver Island, Falklands), Pete Baars (Sea to Summit, Anglesey UK), Andrea Hecht, Bill Bergeron, Lyn Goldsmith, Jeff Folmsbee, Dan Starer, Matthew Dundas, Joe Glickman, Bonnie Aldinger (all NYC), Phil Clegg, Jim Krawiecki, and last not least Barry Shaw and Justine Curgenven.

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