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Marcus became the world's first kayaker to ever successfully circumnavigate the Falkland Islands, a trip of over 680 Miles in 22 days (trip stats).


Marcus Demuth circumnavigated Great Britain in just 80 days, at the time the new record for a UK solo circumnavigation (article by Joe Glickman).​


After this trip, Marcus extended his stay in the UK to obtain a “Masters of Science with Distinction” in Physical Oceanography at the School of Ocean Sciences at the University of Bangor, Wales.​


Marcus circumnavigated Ireland, a trip over 42 days and appr. 1000 Miles, as a fundraiser for the Royal National Lifeboat Association.​


Other expeditions brought Marcus to Tierra Del Fuego (article World’s First attempt to circumnavigate Tierra Del Fuego), Iceland, the South and West Coast of Australia, Patagonia/Chile, Canada etc.​


Marcus came in first place in his class in all NYC Mayors Cup races, first in his class at the NY Hudson Highlands Greenway Triathlon, and won the 1st prize in the Polarguard/Northface Adventure Contest.​


Marcus gives presentations about his expeditions at kayak symposiums, kayak clubs and corporate functions around the world.


Marcus’ trips and expeditions have been covered by Outside Magazine, the New York Times, Sea Kayaker Magazine, Canoe & Kayak Magazine, Adventure Kayak Magazine, the Explorer's Club Journal, Ocean Paddler Magazine (UK), Paddler Magazine (UK), See Kayaker Magazine (Germany), among others.

Expedition Photo Albums:


Ireland Circumnavigation, Falklands Circumnavigation, Iceland, Australia, Patagonia, Tierra Del Fuego, UK Circumnavigation, Scotland

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