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"I can not make my days longer, so I strive to
make them better."
Paul Theroux
Kayaker and Writer (e.g. "The Thousand Isles of Oceania")

"The kayak is my passport."

Paul Caffyn                             

When Eric Stiller of Manhattan Kayak Co. introduced me to the sport of sea-kayaking on an overcast and breezy day in October of 2003 as his sole client of his "Paddle Basics 1" class, my life suddenly changed.

Since that day, I visited countries, islands and coastlines with my kayak I would have never considered before. Partly, because getting around in these places without a kayak would not be possible and because these places are not served by the regular logistical arteries of global tourism. But mainly, because kayaking both motivated and enabled me to travel the world in a way which was previously unkown to me.

By paddling along foreign coasts I experienced not only impressive vistas. I was invited to sit at the kitchen tables of farmers, military personnel or fishermen in some of the Worlds most remote and beautiful places. People I would have never met otherwise. Sometimes, some were the first person I spoke to in weeks. All insisted, despite my fierce protests, that I was not a tourist, but an exlorer, an athlete, or something else.

Kayaking made me interested in learning more about the natural phenomenas I now experiences first hand, especially waves, currents and weather systems. As a consequence, kayaking motivated me to obtain a Masters in Oceanography, my by far biggest academical achievement.

I am immensely grateful. To the sport of sea-kayaking, to the coaches - especially Nigel Dennis and Eric Stiller - and to all the open-minded and selfless people I met along the way. 

The kayak is my passport.

Marcus Demuth

May 2024  

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